Thursday 6 August 2015

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I was recently invited on a whirlwind 48h hour Trip to Turin with Fiat 500, to test drive their iconic new car. The answer was a quick yes from me, the launch of a fashionable new car combined with travel, it would be rude not to! Turin (otherwise known as Torino) is renowned as the hometown of Fiat 500, boasting the original Fiat Lingotto factory, which owns a famous rooftop test track. Access into the factory is rare, so this was an incredible opportunity.  We set off on a private plane to Turin with a mixed group of  fashion meets tech, which was quite a comical combination but it goes to show the power of the Fiat 500 – with high interest from techs as well as their reach to a fashion savvy audience.

The introduction to the new Fiat 500 began by an introductory talk to the new Fiat cinquecento by the head of design and head of brand. Admittedly, I was prepared to yawn and get lost in technical talk which goes beyond my vocabulary. To my surprise, the talk was extremely interesting with mind blowing visuals and language I did half understand! The Fiat team have modernised the Fiat 500, still bearing in mind the look of the original which was made in the 50’s. Although the cinquecento has been updated, it maintains a strong essence of it’s original image. I left the talk bursting with excitement, my first car was in fact a Fiat 500 about 6 years ago. However, appreciating the finer things in life such as Range Rovers, Porsche and Bentley’s – a girl can dream a right? I wasn’t prepared to be this excited. After the new design was was  revealed, I was immediately  drawn back to the Fiat 500 wanting to own one.

We then left the talk, to step outside to a sea of new Fiat 500’s, unfortunately I never managed to capture this amazing photo opportunity as tech’s don’t yet understand the “don’t eat it (or in this case drive it) until I’ve photographed it” rule. Anyway, it sure was a picture. We then jumped in the mint green cinquecento and I drove it up and around the spirals of the factory. This was my first time in a left hand drive, but if I don’t say so myself…girl did good. We made it to the rooftop safe and sound, ready to check out the infamous roof top test track and begin to indulge in a beautiful dinner. We started with a champagne reception, where we talked all things Fiat 500. Fiat surely didn’t leave us hungry with a four course dinner, which was incredible from the table presentation to delicious Italian food. After drowning in wine and stomachs full top the brim, we then called it a day.


The second and most exciting part of the 48 hour whirlwind was here, the test drive. We hopped into our convertible Fiat 500 and headed off onto the roads of the lovely Turin, following the built in Tom Tom sat-nav. To accompany me was my partner in crime and for those who haven’t already guessed, Rosalind. Rosalind was in charge of the sound system, whilst I got my head around driving on the opposite side of the road. We both got to grips with our roles quite quickly, reminding myself to always be in the inside of the road and Rosalind found the on demand music feature, which was so accurate with all our favourite current tunes. We created unforgettable memories singing, laughing and driving around the centre through to the countryside of Turin. Not only does the Fiat look perfect, but it’s a perfectly fitting car into your lifestyle. As well as the noticeably different exterior, the interior is sleek. Paying attention to small details Fiat 500 has undergone a seriously big make over.

We drove for miles around Turin and found the Fiat 500 was a smooth and comfortable drive. It’s the perfect car for nipping in out and running errands around the city, as well as long country side roads. Don’t get me wrong if you want to rev your engine and be a “boy racer” this is not the car for you. However, I found the engine substantial and Fiat 500 offer a variety of engine sizes for first- time to mature drivers. Admittedly, I do like a bit if umph in my cars, but I was extremely satisfied with the drive. For those who want something more powerful, have no fear the new Fiat 500 is set to satisfy everyone with the Abarth (the faster model) being updated early next year.

I understand readers can always be mindful about posts like these, questioning a great write up in exchange for a great experience. Well, stop thinking right there. It was love at first sight, I have been so sold by the new fiat 500 that I am soon to be an owner early September! Thank you Fiat 500 team for a pleasurable experience and inviting me to showcase to you the perfect new little car. 

Fashion Bunnies, I think I may have just found the perfect little car for you.

Fiat 500

Launches in UK early September


What’s New?
There are up to 1,800 changes on the new Fiat 500. It has grown in maturity with advanced technologies, improved efficiency, even more customisation ideas and a Centro Stile FIAT-refreshed exterior and interior.

The Entertainment System. The new Fiat 500 has been kitted out with a touch screen entertainment system Uconnect™ which allows direct access via the touchscreen to TuneIn Internet radio, Deezer music streaming and Reuters news feeds, as well as Facebook and Twitter. My favourite feature was on demand music providing current top hits with a variety of music genres from hip-hop, pop to jazz.

Priced from £10,890 OTR

Outfit credits
Luggage: Reiss
Orange Off-the-shoulder dress: Vix
Leopard Print Wedges: Saint Laurent

Heeled-Sandals:  Isabel Marant
White Crochet Tier Dress: Raga


For more info see www.fiat.co.uk

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See my journey with Fiat 500 around Turin below

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  1. Honest John says:

    So that’s what you did. Interesting. Good. Made a lot of sense for FIAT to invite the Fashionistas along. My straight ‘Tech’ version is here: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/fiat/fiat-500-2015-facelift-road-test//



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