Style Services

It is important for me to recognise individuals interests and requirements, while using my own creative flair to meet their needs. This is through my strong styling sense and insight into designers, brands and emerging & seasonal trends. I ensure to value my clients demands through strategic guidance and be mindful of their budget, body shape and individual style in order to compliment my client and maximise their experience in the best way possible. Throughout my personal styling services, I will continuously apply my product knowledge, pay strong attention to detail and develop an understanding of my client to deliver exactly what they want.

After contacting me with the service you request, I will then contact you to arrange a free consultation, this will take place online or in person depending on the service you choose. Online will consist of a few questions via email or in person prior to your private assisted shopping experience.

FINDS: Consists of finding similar items, whether you would like a high-street alternative to a pricey designer item or something out of stock or out of season, which is no longer selling. This service takes place online and is free of charge.
SHOOT: I assist a range of shoots, from personal photoshoots to music shoots. Please make sure to give enough notice especially if you require me to style of a large group of people. I can attend the shoot upon request.
PERSONAL SHOPPING: After liaising with you, I will then accomodate you on a private assisted  shopping trip. This includes one on one interaction –  assisting you in finding items of clothing and styling outfits to meet your requirements.

ONLINE PERSONAL SHOPPING: Depending on the requirements, I will work a selected amount of hours to find you the products or outfits you request.  Carrying out your request, I will send you a PDF format editorial style lookbook, with links to the products. Similar to a personal shopping experience, we will contionusly communicate via email until you are satisfied with the final products or outfits.
WARDROBE WAKE-UP: Find a wardrobe within your wardrobe, I will help do this by; letting to of neglected and unworn items, creating outfits through the items of clothing you already own and replenishing your wardrobe through organisation.

Flexible fees as price is dependent on time, number of outfits and any other specific requirements. Please get in touch here