Monday 23 November 2015

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Introducing to you yPinion, an app which was newly born into the tech world in August 2015. Since it’s launch it has proved popular and here’s why…

Admittedly, social media takes over about 80% of my time, discounting those I’m sleeping – sad fact, but true. The industry I’m in makes it justifiable as to why I’m glued to my phone and constantly processing what I should instagram next or if this meal is “instagrammable”. Day to day these thoughts are strenuous, growing to understand your readership and what my followers want to see next. With thanks to yPinion, a little weight has been taken off my shoulders.

yPinion is a social network based on questions and opinions expressed through photographs, it allows us to interact with our followers by merely asking for their opinion. The concept is simple, uploading photos which can be structured as either “yes or no” or “this or that”. The app also allows you to create a time deadline to show your followers when you urgently need a response, for situations if you’re wondering whether to dye your hair back blonde or buy those shoes. On top of this, yPinion has a chat feature on the app to privately discuss topics of interest with your readers, if you wish to do so. yPinion allows you to geotag your post as well as posting clickable URL links. On top of this, the app provides a share button which allows you to share your post on popular networking sites such as instagram, Facebook and twitter. yPinion what a great invention – you have saved the day! Who said being too opinionated was a bad thing, lets get yPinionated!

For more info see www.ypinion.comDownload yPinion app here @yPinion_app
Ypinion is available for iOS for free, with plans to bring the apps to Android soon.

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