Tuesday 19 July 2016

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Those of you readers who have been following me for a while now, will know I am a sucker for sushi. I could eat Japanese everyday, I am a huge sushi lover. I have dined at pretty much all the best Japanese restaurant’s with household names worldwide, from Nobu to Zuma to Zuma’s competitor Play, the list is endless. However, Oliver Maki is one I have been eager to introduce you to, because this restaurant is on Par, and if not arguably better than the above. From start to finish, my experience was unforgettable, from food to service it was completely flawless. Not only is the presentation of the food impeccable, it taste’s better than it looks! At arrival the staff present you with an iPad, which features their menu, which allows you to place your order by selecting your favourite dishes, which are then saved when returned to the waiter. I am surprised this is not a method more restaurants have caught onto its time-saving and breaks the menu down perfectly with photographs and a description of each dish. Oliver Maki, not only presents a vast menu but each dish is unique with global flavours and exciting textures. It’s almost as if Oliver has created his own touch upon the Japanese cuisine, you will certainly not find this style of dish elsewhere. Led by ex-Nobu Las Vegas Sushi Chef and already being established internationally, it comes as no surprise that Oliver Maki has opened in London placing such a strong mark on the territory of Japanese cuisine. There we’re lots of “mm’s”, “ah’s” and “you have to try this” throughout the meal, each dish was surprising, it was truly incredible.


33 Dean St, London W1D 4PW

Mixed, trendy & sophisticated crowed. 


What I had
With each dish looking so appetising, our eyes got bigger than our bellies. However, we managed to find room for it all, as it was too good to go to waste! To start we ordered: Filo Shrimp Tempura Shots, Spicy Salmon Cannoli, Rock Shrimp Tempura and Crispy Calamari. This was then followed by the Oliver Maki Jewl box containing mix of nigri and maki rolls chosen by the head-chef, the signature Oliver Maki special. This was then followed by the Terrarium Matcha Tiramisu dessert, which is served beautifully. Each dish I highly recommend and I plan on eventually getting through the whole menu, nothing disappoints!


Impeccable, the staff could not do enough for you!

Dress Code

10/10 still doesn’t do it justice, you have to see for yourself!

For more info see www.olivermaki.co.uk
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