Monday 3 August 2015

IMG_1217After my weekly workout with celebrity trainer Bradely Simmonds on Eelbrook Common last week, I was invited to check out Eelbrook Restaurant located on the south east corner of Eelbrook Common in the heart of Fulham. I had always been curious to try it out, but never had high expectations as it sat amongst the park. This goes to show to never judge a book by its cover, as I was proven extremely wrong. If the food and service wasn’t enough to prove it, then the packed restaurant at an early lunch sitting was. Eelbrook offers a casual, light and spacious dining space with an exceptional menu serving high quality and well presented food, this is not your local eatery. Eelbrook’s menu is vast and offers a variety of food, the restaurant also has multiple menus including a full brunch menu available at weekends.


EelBrook Common, Fulham

Mixed crowd

British and Mediterranean-influenced dishes made from seasonal ingredients

What I Had
Spoilt and torn for choice, my lunch date and I shared a few dishes including three starters and one main between us. We started with the gazpacho, a chilled tomato and red pepper soup followed by chopped raw beef and the delicious wild tiger prawns cooked in chilli butter. Having eyes bigger than our bellies, we then indulged in the fresh parpadelle pasta cooked with courgettes, tomato, sage and burratta. Being a massive pasta snob, I have to say I was extremely impressed by the pasta. The portions were extremely generous and the food was fresh and of great quality. Please note as Eelbrook use seasonal ingredients the menu is subject to change daily. Eelbrook also offers a separate lunch and Á la carte menu.

Relaxed atmosphere

Dress Code

Friendly staff with quick service

The prawns, they were out of this world!


What I Wore

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