Thursday 11 December 2014

Finally, I mastered my conquest to find the perfect cape! Whilst browsing in Selfridges, I stumbled across this Claudie Pierlot cape and it immediately ticked all three boxes. Affordable – check, good quality – check, simple yet statement – check. To add the cherry on top, it’s grey and black my two winter staple colours, find me something these colours don’t match! Grey with black stripes and fringing, I instantly knew I was onto a winner. There’s no doubt those who have spent an arm and a leg on a cape will regret it once having seen this. As impatient as I am, sometime’s it’s worth waiting out so you know you’ve browsed the market, instead of rushing into things. Thanks Claudie Pierlot it really is the perfect poncho.
IMG_6315IMG_6261IMG_6264IMG_6277IMG_6296IMG_6279IMG_6310IMG_6285IMG_6263IMG_6298Photography by Meike Linthorst

Cape: Claudie Pierlot
Skirt: Reiss
Boots: Jimmy Choo
Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld
Jumper: Zara
Bag: Chanel
Hat: Rag & Bone

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