Thursday 11 February 2016

hakkasan.CNY_9Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate the year of the Monkey, last week I had the pleasure of sampling Hakkasan’s limited edition menu alongside an exclusive cocktail and dessert created by their Executive Head Chef. As additional touch, Hakkasan also invites guess to share our new year wishes for the coming year, by writing them on gold ribbons and hanging them in the restaurant. This special menu is available from 22nd January -22nd February.

Restaurant & Bar

Hakkasan 17 Bruton St W1J 6QB & Hakkasan 8 Hanway Place W1T 1HD

The worldwide renowned Chinese restaurant attracts a trendy mixed crowd.


What I had
To start the menu begins with fresh Ginseng and chicken soup, which was not my personally not favourite (It lacked in flavour in comparison to the other dishes). This was then followed by Diced Wagu beef, served beautifully in golden cups and Hakksan’s renowned dim sum platter, which is arguably the best in London.

The main dishes include, wok-fry lobster in spicy treadle sauce, pipa duck, grilled chilean sea bass in honey and a mushroom stir-fry with lotus root, asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper and dried scallop and crab meat fried rice. Each of the four dishes oozed in flavour. My top picks are the egg fried rice and the pippa duck which had hoisin sauce cleverly placed under the skin of the duck.

The dessert was a The Golden Halo a banana and peanut cake and a five spice infused cream, caramel, chocolate and peanut topped with gold leaf. This dessert was heavenly and I can only hope it transfers onto Hakkasan’s À la carte menu, otherwise it will be greatly missed!

The entire menu was delicious, however I’d have to go with the dessert.  It was made for all peanut butter and banana lovers out there!


Good – fast paced due to being an extremely busy restaurant

Dress Code

What I Wore
Jumper: All Saints

Jacket: Armani Exchange
Leather Pants Reiss:
Knee-High Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Priced at £88.88 per person

For more info see www.hakkasan.com


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